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我收集了一些王如玄/鼎泰豐事件報導在 2010-05-05: 王如玄/鼎泰豐事件.

I. Jerome Keating 説得好:
The case involves how a reporter for SET-TV exposed a fake pro-Ma PR scheme. Instead of being praised for good journalism, the reporter and his TV station are being criticized for exposing the truth.
It was a fake, a sham, a set-up, that part is clear but who set it up?

The National Communications Commission (NCC) which should be an impartial commission but appears to be using its authority to browbeat press if they don’t publish reports that support the Ma administration immediately called upon SET-TV to explain its actions. It also accused SET-TV of violating "journalistic ethics." Say what? The ones who expose the fraud and deception are accused of violating ethics and the ones who created the fraud and deception are not?
II. 中國國民黨人的反應

在 Facebook 上出現了一個 public Event:
截至 2011-05-05, 有 395個參與者.  我在這網頁留了下面的話:
請提供三立自導自演製造假新聞的証據來吸引更多的支持者.  希望你們解釋 Dr. Jerome Keating 什麼地方講錯了.  

參與者 董倫輝 説:
馬總統完全在狀況外,被惡質的三立擺了一道3 people like this.
你怎麼知道? 請拿出証據來. 馬總統也沒有綠卡嗎? 請見 我們家沒有人有綠卡; 我有綠卡, 女兒是美國公民


  • 杨垂沿


  • 陳強熙

    為什麼有些人會覺得NCC是中立的呢? NCC跟法院一樣,內部潛藏很多綠營、周占春之類的樁腳,要拔除也不是很快的事,檢察署、法院也是民進黨開的呀!

    今天要如何制衡民進黨? 當然是選舉的時候投給國民黨!
    傻子還說不投國民黨! 那就是民進黨上台,大家就更看不到檢察署、法院、NCC會有任何公平的處理了! 簡單的道理,大家都會懂吧.
III. 比較 王如玄事件 和 228

228 巳經過了 64年, 中國國民黨人仍然不認錯.  錯的是暴民,  所以南京是大屠殺, 228是事變. 王如玄事件有什麼不一樣?   大辣辣地用 NCC 來鎮壓他們眼中的暴民記者.  濫用公權力和媒體資源來顛倒是非, 指鹿為馬.  228是中國國民黨平亂有功,  王如玄是不縱容惡質媒體.

IV. Jerome Keating: 台灣人必須面對現實

同一篇文章裏, Jerome Keating 用下面的話做結語
The horse may not know how long his face is and his government agents may try to hide it, but it is time that Taiwanese face the reality they live in.

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