Monday, August 13, 2012

「濁水溪自行車道設計賽」的一些連想 II
What makes a bike path great?

什麼因素使一個自行車道比別的自行車道優秀?  什麼樣的自行車道(或行人步道)是較好的?  What makes a bike path good?  What makes it better than others?

There are many considerations that affect how I decide to ride in one path instead of another.  In this short post,  I talk bout the desirability of exclusivity (禁行車輛), fragrance (香), and beautiful scenery (風景美麗).  I hope to follow up with other elements that make bike paths great, such as conveniences and safety.

In the following, underneath each picture (along a bike path) is a link that shows the picture's location with a Google map.

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